Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rihanna Named People's Best Dressed Diva

Rihanna has been named to People Magazine's list od best dressed celebrities. Details inside.....

Rihanna was named "The Daring Diva" of fashion on People's list. Rihanna has become known for her live performances and the controversial outfits she wears during performances.

Rihanna has been both criticized and recieved critical acclaim for her eccentric and ecclectic fashion sense.

Rihanna in 3 million pound lawsuit 

Singer Rihanna is facing a 3 million pound lawsuit from Brazilian concert promoters, who claim that they were duped into booking the 'Umbrella' singer for a concert.

Officials at Unique Sports and Marketing have revealed that they signed a 1.1 million pound deal with a company called Vegas Style Entertainment (VSE) to book Rihanna for three Brazil gigs in November (10). They gave 550,000-pound advance to secure Rihanna for the concerts. But, VSE apparently has no connection with the singer and it only pocketed the money. The chiefs at Unique Sports and Marketing filed legal documents in New York and demanded 3,123,300 pound in compensation, reports the Daily Star.   

Rihanna loves fan photos 

Rihanna stopped a restaurant manager trying to ban her fans from taking her photograph. The 'Rude Boy' singer was enjoying a meal out with friends in Ago, in West Hollywood when two teenage supporters reportedly asked if they could pose with her.

However, the manager reportedly rushed over and scorned: "Fans are not allowed to bother celebrities, so no pictures, please!" However, the 22-year-old beauty quickly interrupted the restaurant worker and told him to leave them alone. She said: "These girls are my fans and without them, I'd be nothing. So I'm happy to pose!"

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