Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rihanna's Latest Styles: Rihanna promises 'grown-up' album

Rihanna’s new album will be more “grown-up”. Justin Timberlake said: "The stuff we've come up with in the studio, it's the next step for her. It's a little more grown-up. It's got some edge to it.”

Rihanna has also been working with Chase and Status on the record and the UK dance producers said they loved the collaboration because she is so decisive.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

With a little help from McEnroe, Nole charms New York!

    Novak Djokovic crushed Radek Stepanek 6:1, 6:3, 6:3 in one hour, 46 minutes to reach the quarterfinals in New York for the third straight season. 
    One more victory, against Spaniard Fernando Verdasco, and he’s into a first Grand Slam semifinal of 2009.
" I think (the crowd) wanted a little longer match, so I’m sorry," Djokovic said. "Overall I think I played a great match, I didn’t give him any chance to get into the match. " 
   There were ample cheers Monday. Novak revived his trademark imitations, replicating John McEnroe, and McEnroe, at Djokovic’s request, came down from the broadcast booth – in his dress pants and dress shirt – to hit with the Serb. Djokovic signed numerous autographs afterwards.
" I would like to thank all the crowd for staying up late," Novak said in a courtside interview. " The US Open and New York are well known for these night matches, and it was a big privilege and pleasure for me to play. "

  SOURCE: Novak Djokovic Official WebSite  and  sjsm19 Thanks to all!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stay Away From Your Man, Rihanna!

Pop singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty's last album sold more than 6 million copies. She is also a Cover Girl model. But she has become even more famous recently for being the face of domestic violence. In February, Rihanna's boyfriend Chris Brown beat her until she called 911.

Celebrity news site displayed a picture of the "Umbrella" singer with a swollen face, busted lip and knotted forehead; and The Smoking Gun released a detective's report detailing how Brown had punched Rihanna and threatened to kill her.

All this brought back painful memories for me. When I was 4, I witnessed my father shoot my 23-year-old mother. That night is one of my earliest recollections, but there are others — my mother running down the street in a nightgown chased by my father; my mother's hand shaking, holding a butcher knife she was unable to use because my father had started to choke her.

My parents were legally separated when my father shot my mother, but my mother did not have a restraining order.

Luckily my mother survived, got a job and a place of her own, and broke the cycle — no man has hit her since. While my earliest memories are of my mother in sheer terror, most of my memories are of her being fearless, happy and in control.

To hear that Rihanna has called Brown's stay-away order "unnecessary" and asked for it to be removed, to see her out in public with Brown again after the beating has me rankled ... with Brown, sure, but mostly with Rihanna.

Rihanna at Six Flags -- Tatsu Artist

Rihanna had a barrel roll full of laughs today at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA -- by braving one of the craziest roller coasters on the planet: Tatsu.

The Superman-style coaster boasts "3,602 feet of blazing track ... 62 miles per hour ... 263 feet in plunges" and is 17 stories high at its peak.

Not that we're really, really jealous right now or anything.

Rihanna Italian Vogue!

Viva Italia … and Rihanna! Rihanna does a photo spread for Italian Vogue that proves Italy + Rihanna = amore! Rihanna’s picture spread is by the famed Steven Meisel. From a dark look, to haunting poses, to a revealing gesture, Rihanna heat it up in a spread that proves Vogue and Rihanna are always on top of the game.

The power of a great subject is the ability to look strait into the camera and convey an immediate image. With several of the shots featuring the singer looking dead on into Meisel’s frame, each picture conveys a dramatically different image, a contrasting purpose.

No question - the clothes are amazing.

But what works in these pictures is that you take a highly photographed subject and seemingly make her seem completely new, sometimes beautifully luring, and constantly perplexing in a series of snaps that can take minutes to look at until you feel the weight of the message.

Catch the new outstanding spread in the new issue of Italian Vogue hitting newsstands.