Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rihanna's shaved head for 'Italian Vogue'

The ever so unique Rihanna displayed some interesting fashion sense in Soho yesterday. With a shaved head on the sides and back, and rooster length hair on top, she's quite the risk taker in the hair department. Not many people can pull that look off without looking completely ridiculous.

As for the top? She went with a sheer black tank and what looks like a striped bikini top underneath. Why not right? At least she wasn't wearing stars over her nipples this time.

Rihanna 'asks for male model's number'

Wednesday, August 5 2009

Rihanna is rumoured to have asked for a doorman's telephone number while holidaying in the Hamptons.

The 'Umbrella' singer, who was visiting the exclusive New York seaside resort with friends, apparently spotted the male model working as a doorman at the AXE Lounge and started talking to him.

A source told E! online: "By the end of the evening Rihanna was smitten with the doorman. But he wasn't just any doorman. The dude is also a model. He is really hot. Rihanna asked for his number on the way out."

The star was recently rumoured to have reunited with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown after reportedly telling her mother Monica Fenty that he is still "ingrained in my heart and in my mind".

Brown is allegedly appearing on US chatshow Larry King Live later this week to discuss his February attack on Rihanna.

Rihanna’s Late-Night Recording Session

Showing an undying dedication to her craft, Rihanna was spotted leaving a New York City recording studio at 5:30am this morning (August 5).

The “Take a Bow” songstress looked a bit tuckered out from her all-night recording session, sporting a floral dress, sunglasses, and black lace-up ankle boots.

On Tuesday afternoon (August 4), Ri-Ri was spotted indulging her inner-shopaholic with a serious retail romp in Manhattan’s Soho district.

And at the MTV Video Music Awards nominations ceremony, T.I.’s “Live Your Life (featuring Rihanna) was nominated for Best Male Video.

Jay-Z Parties with Rihanna, Denies Banning Chris Brown From BET Awards

Jay-Z has been in London this week, on a trip that coincides with the announcement that he is set to headline the All Points West festival. According to reports, the hip-hop star hit the town with Rihanna during his stay in the U.K. capital, and the pair spent £7,000 (approx. $11,500) during a night at the Vendome nightclub.

Security was tight at the club, and Rihanna is reported to have kept a very low profile. That didn’t stop Jay-Z from speaking about his beef with her ex, Chris Brown, during an exclusive interview with BBC DJ Tim Westwood. "If I have a problem with Chris Brown, I got a problem with Chris Brown,” he said. “I don't agree with what he did and that's that."

But he dismissed the rumors that he got Brown banned from the BET Awards. "That's the silliest rumor I ever heard,” he told Westwood. "You know me, right? I was sitting back and watching all them suckas. You don't comment on rumors. I was sitting back watching them." Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 is scheduled for release on September 11.

Rihanna Latest Styles

Rihanna Seeks Ease on Chris Brown's Retraining Order

Rihanna was planning to request an easing of the restraining order placed on Chris Brown at a scheduled court hearing. She would not appear in court for Brown's formal sentencing, her attorney Donald Etra said.

"I'm going to be requesting a level one protective order not to annoy, molest, or harass my client. This would be a step down from the current order in which Brown must stay 50 yards away from my client," Etra said. Brown struck a plea deal earlier in a Los Angeles court on charges he assaulted Rihanna. He is now expected to be formally sentenced to five years of probation, 180 days of labour and one year of domestic violence counselling. Brown, who has publicly apologised to Rihanna, will give his first television interview on the matter on Wednesday night.

Rihanna’s Independence Day: New Man, New Swag, New Nipple Covers?!

It’s Rihanna’s Independence Day! Rihanna hit up Las Vegas nightclub Tao with Jay-Z and a guy friend we’ve seen Rihanna with before, who’s reportedly Tyran ‘Ty Ty’ Smith, a friend of rap artist Jay-Z. Meanwhile, the R&B singer came swagged out in a black blazer and some pasties ‘rockstar’ silver sparkle star nipple covers.

The singer was photo’d out on the town with her guy friend’s arm around her neck, revealing a new swag and revealing her bare breasts which were exposed coming out of her black blazer with the star shaped silver sparkling nipple covers on, leaving little and much to the imagination.

This was no Rihanna nipple slip, but this was definitely a Rihanna nipple moment.

Well, it was Independence Day, no, it was Rihanna’s Independence Day! Check out the pictures!

Ne-Yo: 'Rihanna won't write Brown song'

Ne-Yo has revealed that Rihanna is not planning to write or record any songs about her experience with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

Brown recently struck a plea deal following claims that he assaulted the 'Disturbia' star in February. He was sentenced to five years' probation and 120 hours of community service.

Speaking to MTV News, Ne-Yo said: "I've done some stuff for Rihanna. I didn't really want to go there too much, because I know that's what everybody is expecting.... I don't feel like it needs to be glorified. I don't think that needs to be a song that's sung or written."

The singer-songwriter went on to say that his own friendship with Brown was another reason why he could not write a song about the incident, saying: "It was an absolute mistake, and he has some lessons to learn and some maturing to do.

"But I'm not gonna bash him for that. I'm not gonna turn my back on a person I call my friend because he made a mistake. [So] I can't write the Chris Brown bash song and then turn around and look myself in the mirror."

Brown recently released a video statement apologising for the incident and insisting that he had wanted to speak out sooner but had been advised not too by his lawyer.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rihanna: Spotted with Yellow Heels, No Pants, Rashard Lewis

Yellow high heels? Fabulous.

Hoodie and no pants? Even more fabulous.

Rihanna covered up in a baby blue hooded sweatshirt and bared her legs as she stepped out of her Midtown Manhattan hotel on Saturday afternoon.

According to autograph seekers waiting outside her hotel, rumored new beau Rashard Lewis (of the NBA's Orlando Magic) was also there earlier.

Could their romance be real? What would rapper Drake think?

We'll have to wait and see. Here's Rihanna out shopping ...

Rihanna: Yellow Heels!

Only Rihanna would attempt this ensemble ... and pull it off.

On Sunday evening, Rihanna was MIA at the 2009 BET Awards but she did pick up two honors there, for Beautiful Hair and Viewer’s Choice (for her music video for “Live Your Life” with T.I.). Congrats, girl. You deserved them both.

Six-Year-Old Rihanna Fan Receives Bone Marrow Transplant

(New York, NY) -- A Harlem girl whose life-or-death battle with cancer captured the heart of singer Rihanna is getting a new chance at life.

Six-year-old Jasmina Anema is recovering after undergoing a two-hour bone marrow transplant at a New York City hospital yesterday.

Jasmina was diagnosed in January with a rare and especially deadly form of leukemia.

In April, Rihanna paid a special visit to the little girl, who is one of the singer's biggest fans.

Jasmina's story inspired Rihanna and other celebrities to team up with the organ donation registry DKMS to find her a bone marrow donor.

They finally got their wish when more than seven-thousand people turned out to a massive bone marrow drive organized by DKMS last month.

The six-year-old's bone marrow drive also found matches for six others in need of the life-saving medical procedure.

Rihanna is in trouble with the law

Rihanna just can't catch a break now can she? According to sources, Rihanna may be arrested for tattooing civilians. Anyone who is anyone knows that Rihanna has a slight obsession with body art, so much so that she has decided to become a student to the pen, the tattooing pen that is.

Apparently during her tattoo lessons, she decided to give 3 of her fans her own signature tattoo that consisted of an umbrella with the letter "R" under it. Though this is an act that deserves an applause the NYPD is looking to slap some cuffs on her wrist.

The New York Police Department and the NYC Health Department are looking into Rihanna tattooing without a license. The agency told gossip site,TMZ, that "only licensed tattoo artists can administer tattoos in the city according to the City’s Health Code. We are sending someone down to follow up on this."

If Rihanna is seen at fault for tattooing clients without a license, she can face being slapped with three misdemeanors for the offense that may include $300 for the first offense, $500 for the second, and $1000 for the third. In addition to that, the shop owner that allowed Rihanna to tattoo without a license in his/her shop could face losing their license as well.

According to the NYC Health Department, unlicensed personnel could cause their clients to develop infections and other health problems if their tattoo's are done improperly.

Friday, July 3, 2009