Friday, August 31, 2012


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First Niall and Conor, now this:

Zayn, Louis and Harry ♥


Harry and Liam today near West London studio ♥

At Liam's birthday party!

 Yes I caught Styles drinking!

Finally found full parts ♥

Tomlinson's and Eleanor at dinner ♥

This is so cute, even there is Lottie's boyfriend!

At Liam's birthday party!

Jeremy (Justin's pappa) twittrar

Zarry ♥

Selena och Demi på bildörrar!

Smygtitt på Spring Breakers!

Getting half-sleeve tattoo ♥

Lou ♥

Jelena med en skådespelare från Feed The Dog

Hazza last night!

Can't believe he didn't wear his white converse or some shoes last night...


Perfect ♥

Cutie ♥

Shirtless... ♥

Ahh Zayn ♥