Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

May 2013 be the beginning of the best years of your life!
Happy New Year!
Have a blessed and awesome 2013

Dear You, Be Ready!

Dear You, Yes, You! I'm talking to You, so please read because this is very important.
As 2012 comes to an end I want to encourage you. I want you to increase your faith and believe in the impossible this coming year.

We are all dealing with things and going through a lot in our individual lives and sometimes we want to hear that everything will be alright.

I'm here to tell you that everything will be alright. For those of you who are sick and tired of it all...don't be weary, don't give up on yourself, don't give up on God. You can't give up because it's not over for you. Your life is about to take a different turn. In this coming year, something great will happen in your life. God is going to make sure of that. You better be ready!

It's not by your own power, but by the power of the Man upstairs who has heard your cries and is now ready for you. It's now your turn! I ask again, are you ready? You're so close to your don't even understand. The bible says in due season, you shall reap. Your due season is here. Something great is about to happen in your life! 2013 is your year. In this coming year, there will be a manifestation of God in your life. The beginning of the best years of your life. Are you ready?

You better be, because God is about to leave you breathless. Your miracles are about to happen. You better find someone to lean on because you won't be able to stand on your feet when it hits you. It will be great. It will be big. It will be awesome...and it will be unbelievable!

All your wishes, dreams, desires and prayers are about to come true.

It's all coming in 2013.
Be ready!

Actress Toyin Aimakhu is engaged!

After less than a year of dating, Yoruba actress Toyin Aimakhu and her man, Tinsel actor Adeniyi Johnson are engaged. Niyi proposed to  Toyin today December 31st. The couple met on a movie location early this year and have been inseparable since then. Big congrats to them.

Davido and manager Asa Asika part ways

After almost two years of working together, Davido, 20, and his manager Asa Asika, 22, (center) have parted ways. They reportedly ended their working relationship a few days back but none of them have said anything about it yet, though they've both changed their Twitter bios.

I'm trying to find out what really happened between these two as there are a few versions of what led to their break up. One version claims that Asa was dropped because Davido has become too big an artist for him (Asa) to handle. Another version claims Davido assaulted Asa over money.

I don't know the real story but I plan to ask Davido when I see him at Funmi Iyanda's show tomorrow. Stay tuned! Hehe...!

Meet Gina Rio, the 23yr old who lives at the Savoy, drinks Cristal, owns £20k handbags

Most twenty-somethings have long been dropped from their parents' pocket money payroll. 

But one - who some are calling the most spoiled woman in Britain - still receives a massive £10,000 payout each month from her mother - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. 

Gina Rio, 23, who lives in a suite at the five star Savoy hotel despite owning a house in London's King's Cross, is handed the money by her mother, Theresa, who took over the monthly payments after Gina fell out with her father, a successful businessman, in 2003 and he stopped the £20,000 allowance he used to provide. 

Gina, whose parents split when she was aged 14 after her father had an affair, spends the generous allowance living the life of a princess. 

She shops at designer stores, naming Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin as some of her favourite shops, and she eats lavish meals at London's finest restaurants, claiming on Twitter that she plans to dine exclusively at Michelin-starred establishments.

And she buys more designer goods than she could wear in a lifetime, including over 300 pairs of designer shoes and 70 designer handbags, one of which, a Hermes bag that she ordered her father to buy after she discovered he had bought a similar one for his mistress, cost £20,000.

She also spends an extravagant amount on being chauffeured around in private cars and taxis, the bill for which can exceed a staggering £1,000 a month, and pampers herself in the hairdresser on a regular basis - often spending £600 each month to keep her locks glossy.

As if the allowance wasn’t enough, Gina’s parents have also showered her with gifts over the years.

Her father, who owns a successful construction company, spent £10,000 on a 16th birthday party for Gina, while her mother recently gave her a white Mercedes SLK convertible, worth about £30,000.
While Gina doesn’t solely rely on her parents money - she earns £2,000 a month as a personal stylist - she has shockingly not managed to save a penny of the mini fortune lavished on her.

The 23-year-old, who trained at Sylvia Young Theatre School, spent an eye-watering £50,000 in two days last month on clubbing and shopping for luxury clothes, after taking her father's credit card without his permission.

'My dad wasn't happy,' Gina's brother Sebastian says,' but he just shrugged it off.'
Gina compares herself to socialite and millionairess Tamara Ecclestone, and admits she often has no idea how much she spends on luxuries such as socialising, hair and beauty.

It’s really bad - I don’t even know how much I spend sometimes.’
Gina often posts about  her lavish lifestyle on Twitter, tweeting on 21st December ‘Shopping in Knightsbridge with mummy! Love her, and her cards!’ and treating her 373 followers to daily reminders of her extravagant purchases and indulgent restaurant meals. 

In one tweet she declares: ‘I decided I'm strictly eating at michelin star restaurants and 5* places, i'm tired of trying to be normal and eating at these other places!'

On her blog, where readers can learn how to copy her lavish lifestyle; she lists Harrods, Bond street, exclusive jewelers Asprey and Cartier, Selfridges department store as personal shopping favourites.

While it might be easy to dismiss Gina as simply a spoilt brat, she is the first to admit she is using money as a substitute for her parents' love.

Devastated when her father had an affair and left the family for another woman, Gina, then aged 14, was given substantial handouts from him until, at age 17, she demanded an allowance of £20,000 a month.

‘I know I’m spoiled, but I need my parents to buy me things to prove they love me,' she says.

'I think the most expensive item was a Hermes handbag which cost £20,000.

Gina's £30,000 white Mercedes SLK convertible - a gift from her mum

'When I found out that he'd bought his mistress a Hermes handbag, I wanted to have one that was bigger and better.

'I wanted him to prove that he loved me more than her - because she's horrid - she's horrid.

'He's my dad at the end of the day and I'm always going to love him, but he's chosen his new family over me.'

Gina fell out with her father over his new love in 2003 and he cut off her £20,000 a month, leaving Gina threatened with a normal life devoid of the countless luxuries to which she had become accustomed. 

Luckily her mother Theresa stepped in to save her daughters extravagant way of life, offering £10,000 monthly to keep her in taxis and blowdries.

When Gina goes out, she lets her boyfriend - the 23-year-old rapper Ecksell - pick up the tab.

'I love my Cristal champagne and bellini cocktails,' she said.

'I have no idea how much it costs - hundreds maybe. When my boyfriend and I go clubbing, he goes crazy. 

'Once he spent £25,000 in one night. Afterwards I told him that he might as well spend that on me.

'I could not imagine life without any money. Not being able to pay to have my hair done would be the worst thing ever.

'I always get what I want - I've never gone without.

'I've never caught the Tube or a bus. I would never go on public transport. It would be terrifying.

Unlike most girls her age, Gina has never set foot in Primark.

She said: 'I've driven past but I don't think I'd like it.'

Meanwhile Gina has carefully vetted all her suitors.

She said: 'I could never date someone who is poor. That would be the worst thing that could ever happen to me.

'When I met my boyfriend he told me he was signed to Warner Bros to impress me, but he really wasn't.

'Then I found out that his dad owns a brand of sauce sold in Harrods, I was pretty impressed and I knew his family would have a lot of money.

She is currently living at the Savoy while her house in King's Cross is refurbished.

The five-bed house will have a walk in wardrobe covering the entire top floor, a swimming pool and jacuzzi and a home cinema.

Gina said: 'My mum bought the house for me ages ago - I reckon it must have cost at least a million.'

Meanwhile father Paul is picking up the tab at the Savoy - a bill costing thousands of pounds.

Mum Theresa has no problem with Gina excessive spending.

She says: 'I tell Gina that I am proud of her and everything she gets she deserves. Why have money if you can't enjoy it?'

Looking forward, Gina says she is hoping to emulate her idol Tamara Ecclesone.

'I like Tamara - she's pretty and seems nice. Of course, she wants for nothing - and sometimes I think I'm just as bad as her. 

'I'd like to start my own business - something like a beauty spa. I get bored sometimes so I think it would give me something to do. 'Tamara has her own show, Billion $$ Girl, to keep her occupied.'

Culled from Daily Mail UK

The annual Change-A-Life TV special will hold tomorrow by 9am

Tune in to NTA by 9am tomorrow January 1st to watch Funmi Iyanda, Governor Fashola, Davido, Bez, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Chibundu Onuzo and myself at the annual Change-A-Life TV special. Don't miss it!

First pics of Kim K since pregnancy announcement

Pics taken as she and her baby daddy left an airport in Atlantic City where the pregnancy announcement was made. She has also confirmed the pregnancy with a message to her fans on her blog. See it after the cut...

See Monalisa Chinda dance on stage at her Christmas Dance event

Lagos experienced unlimited fun and ecstasy like never before on Monday 24th December 2012, as the maiden edition of Nigeria’s most classical event, Monalisa Chinda’s “Project Help: Dance for Life'  took centre stage at the Oriental Hotels, Victoria Island.

Hosted by versatile theatre acts Segun Arinze and Bimbo Akintola, the novel Christmas dance production featured an interesting array of movie stars such as Kate Henshaw, Desmond Elliot, Monalisa Chinda, Bovi and the incredible Bailamos Dance Company delivering electrifying performances, thrilling Christmas recitals and breathtaking surprises  that held audience spellbound from start to finish. The well attended event was organized and produced by Monalisacode Productions. See more photos below

Monalisa and daughter

Nigeria's first newspaper, Iwe-Irohin, resuscitated after 140 years

Nigeria's first Newspaper, Iwe Irohin, has been resuscitated after 140 years of its demise. The newspaper was founded in 1859 by a missionary named Henry Townsend in Abeokuta, Ogun State. Iwe Irohin was published bi-weekly in Yoruba and English language and ran for about 8 years before its demise in 1867. It's been brought back by the Nigerian Union of Journalists, who launched it's first edition just last week.

Lagos state government donates N4.5m to ailing actress,Ngozi Nwosu

Ngozi Nwosu receiving the cheque today
Lagos State government today gave actress Ngozi Nwosu N4.5million to help with the treatment she needs urgently. The actress has been battling with a kidney and heart-related ailment for a while now and needed N6million for treatment abroad. She raised N2million from well meaning Nigerians a few weeks back and needed N4million extra.

Ngozi can now have the treatment she needs thanks to Governor Babatunde Fashola. God bless everyone else who donated.

Obafemi Martins splashes millions on motherless babies at Island hospital

Nigerian striker Obafemi Martins spent Christmas with visits to hospitals and orphanages in Lagos. The 28 year old footballer, on behalf of his foundation gave gifts to three hospitals and orphanages. Obagoal spent about N10million on hospital bills for new born babies at Island Maternity hospital. See photos after the cut...

Photos: Joseph Yobo visits motherless babies home

Nigerian captain Joseph Yobo visited the children at Hearts of Gold Children's hospice in Surulere to make donations and spend some time with the children.

Joseph gave food stuff, a generating set, and a lot of other stuff as part of giving back to the society through his charity organization. Joseph said:
I was touched with the condition of the kids. It is sad to know that some of them will still die. I am happy to have put a smile on their faces and give them hope to survive. I could have been like any of them but for God's mery
Yobo also visited House of Mercy in Ebute Meta, Yaba, which houses mainly almajiris and Fair Life Africa Foundation, Lekki. See photos after the cut...

Joseph stated that the motherless babies visit was done on behalf of his wife and son. Adaeze and his young couldn't make it because of school. He said more will be done in 2013.