Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rihanna is in trouble with the law

Rihanna just can't catch a break now can she? According to sources, Rihanna may be arrested for tattooing civilians. Anyone who is anyone knows that Rihanna has a slight obsession with body art, so much so that she has decided to become a student to the pen, the tattooing pen that is.

Apparently during her tattoo lessons, she decided to give 3 of her fans her own signature tattoo that consisted of an umbrella with the letter "R" under it. Though this is an act that deserves an applause the NYPD is looking to slap some cuffs on her wrist.

The New York Police Department and the NYC Health Department are looking into Rihanna tattooing without a license. The agency told gossip site,TMZ, that "only licensed tattoo artists can administer tattoos in the city according to the City’s Health Code. We are sending someone down to follow up on this."

If Rihanna is seen at fault for tattooing clients without a license, she can face being slapped with three misdemeanors for the offense that may include $300 for the first offense, $500 for the second, and $1000 for the third. In addition to that, the shop owner that allowed Rihanna to tattoo without a license in his/her shop could face losing their license as well.

According to the NYC Health Department, unlicensed personnel could cause their clients to develop infections and other health problems if their tattoo's are done improperly.

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