Saturday, February 2, 2013

The most common ways cheating is discovered

In this age of modern technology 'going through mobile phone' has been cited as the most common way cheating is discovered, according to a new poll.

See the stats below... 
1. Went through mobile phone - 41 per cent 
2. Went through social media account - 23 per cent 
3. Went through files on PC/laptop/tablet - 13 per cent 
4. Caught in the act (face to face) - 11 per cent 
5. Told by friend - 5 per cent 
6. Told by family member - 3 per cent 
7. Confession - 2 per cent 
8. Other - 2 per cent

So how did you discover your partner was cheating? Any of this or the old ways of lipstick on the collar? Scent of another woman's perfume, etc?

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