Friday, February 8, 2013

Movida nightclub boss Akeem Sodeinde's health worsens

The popular Lagos club owner and businessman has been battling acute diabetes for a while now. He went to India sometime last year for treatment and was getting better but according to people close to him, he was hit by another crisis that has kept him out of the public for months now. Akeem no longer runs his popular club, Movida. His younger brother manages it for now.

He's retired to his Oniru Estate home and hardly ever comes out these days. People who have seen him recently said he's lost a lot of wight and he receives treatment weekly from a hospital in Victoria Island. Akeem talked about his illness sometime last year:
"Yes I have diabetes and the truth is, three quarter of Nigerians are diabetic. It can't be cured but can be controlled. I used to drink a lot of champagne and Hennessy and sweet foods, so it affected me and my blood sugar went haywire. I don't drink anymore and I control my food in take because my health situation was really bad

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