Sunday, February 3, 2013

Question for the guys: Can men also fake orgasm?

From a LIB reader
Linda please could you pose this question to your male readers. Do men also fake orgasm? My boyfriend before now suffered from delayed ejaculation - that means he could go for twenty minutes before he cums; a process that leaves me really tired and frustrated before he's done. In November 2012 I had a heart to heart with him and told him how I felt about our sex life and since then things have changed. He comes quicker now, too quick if I may add and I'm beginning to suspect he's faking it. It's damaging my confidence because before now I thought that men should be able to climax whenever and wherever. I haven't seen his sperm in weeks. Is it faking it with me?
He tey, you complain. He do quick, you complain. What do you want woman? Lol. Please men answer her...

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