Saturday, February 2, 2013

Knorr Taste Quest Episode 3 - Ngozy first evictee

KTQ has finally had its first eviction of the show, and sadly, it was Ngozy Obasa, the funky mother of four who got the chop. This week they were given Breadfruit, Okro, Ginger and Chicken Livers, as the compulsory ingredients to work with, although they could get supporting ingredients from their pantry.  Abeg, who knows breadfruit before, and what can you cook with it?  Well, the contestants were still very creative with the ingredients, and came out with interesting looking dishes, even head judge; Dr Robertsaid so, although he also complained that most of them overcooked the chicken livers. 

At the end of it all, Ngozy who made ofe ntata which she called “chop chop” soup got evicted and Lalu, the Asian chef won the task, and was given a microwave oven. 

Hmmn, I wonder what the judges have in store for the contestants in the next episode. Previously, it was Cocoyam and Catfish and this week was Breadfruit and Okro, I just hope it’s something I’m familiar with, let me try and cook it too. LoL!
In case you’ve not been following it, Knorr Taste Quest or KTQ is showing on the following stations; Silverbird on Saturdays at 8.00pm, AIT on Sundays at 5.00pm, Galaxy on Sundays at 8.00pm, E-Stars (Startimes) on Sundays at 7.30pm and OnTV on Sundays at 6.30pm. You can alsowatch previous episodes by clicking on this link, or download some of the recipes used on the show from  Also watch out for the questions after the show to win cool prizes

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