Monday, January 21, 2013


Selena Gomez

Give it up for Nylon magazine with drop-dead cool girl Selena Gomez Cover snap. Moreover, the exact cap line. Judging by Spring Breakers trailer dropped this morning, "drops princess act" is right! In the trailer, and this protection, Sel channels her inner bad girl. Nylon styles girl who was once Alex Russo in a woven black flat brimmed hat, light blue basket weave shirt by Jeremy Scott Spring / Summer 2013 collection for adidas Originals, and an Itsy Bitsy string bikini underneath, and WOWOWOW is a look we can get to.

Selena's an actress, so it's no wonder she is so can be morphing from newspaper to newspaper. If she is Glamour magazine's bubbly "Woman of the Year" fresh and relaxed for Teen Vogue, or bodying appearance boss lady for Forbes, Miss Gomez makes any outfit credible. We can not wait to see the rest of her Nylon photo shoot as the magazine continues to roll out, but we love the warm weather streetwear vibe. We hope it is a style Sel stuck in her personal life, because, like many of our other favorite girls (Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, Rihanna), we think she wears it well and balancing it with a hyper-glamorous red carpet rap sheet.

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