Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The incredible sketches of Nigerian artist, Kelvin Okafor

27 year old Kelvin Okafor is a graduate of Fine Art, Middlesex University and is now making waves across the world with his incredible pencil drawings that looks like photographs.

Kelvin creates each piece only in black and white, using graphite pencils, charcoal, and black coloured pencil. He's exhibited at numerous major art galleries and won several national awards for his remarkable work. His work is currently on display at the The Watercolours + Works on Paper Fair at the London Science Museum, until February 3.

Kelvin writes on his blog:
'I aspire to create art as vivid as eyes could see. I want my drawings to prompt an emotional response, making viewers feel as though they are looking at a real live subject. I’ve always been creative, but fell in love with using pencils in particular. 
It amazed me, that with only one shade of lead, you can create so many tones and textures, and almost create the illusion of colour. It was only when my images started to create a buzz with other Middlesex University students that I realised their impact.'
See more of his sketches after the cut...


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