Thursday, January 17, 2013

Katherine Webb UPDATE

I mean, could there BE any other snicky, today? Not just "National Championship Caliber" but "Dynasty Caliber" in my humble eye. Something about her, is just.... captivating.

It was a grueling job, but I spent some time finding several nice quality pics of her. It's a labor of lust love, I know.

This is how f'ing RIDICULOUS a world of political correctness we now live in. ESPN has said "sorry" for Brent gushing TOO much about how beautiful Ms. Webb happens to be. Are you f'ing kidding me?
Alternate Headline: "Beauty Queen Receives Apology For Compliments and Network Exposure"
Once Yahoo! teased the story with the inflammatory and highly debatable word "creepy" I just knew this was coming. Now, of course, some are acting like just because Brent is 73 years old, he somehow voice-raped Ms. Webb.

But hey, Yahoo! got their page views, so what do they care about balance or fairness.

Thankfully, it appears Brent told ESPN to GFY in regard to any personal apology, which for the record, Ms. Webb herself said was entirely un-necessary.

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