Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cancer patient Funmi Lawal loses one arm to cancer, needs your help

Funmi Lawal is the UNILAG law graduate who was diagnosed with malignant sarcoma, a kind of cancer at the shoulder region. We raised money for her on LIB last August...she was the one Don Jazzy donated N2million to. You can read more about her HERE.

Funmi was able, through your kindness, to raise the money she needed for her treatment and went for her surgery in the UK last year. She contacted me today with the news that her surgery was successful but her left arm had to be amputated to save her life. See Funmi's email below. Please read...
I want to thank the people of Nigeria for their donations, I am really grateful. I underwent the surgery at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Birmingham. It was done three different times; the 11th, 12th and 18th. 
The surgery was very successful, glory be to God that I am alive today and there is no trace of cancer in my body again. But my left hand was amputated because it was the best thing to do in order to save my life and prevent the cancer from spreading.
Read the rest after the cut...but please be warned, there's a photo there that some of you might find disturbing. Continue...

The treatment was extremely expensive and has been a great challenge for me and my family. After paying the sum of £25000 to the hospital account before we left the country, I was given an additional fees of £6300 when I was discharged. This we had to beg the doctor to allow us pay in pieces because it wasn't planned for. (My family has been able to pay £2100 out of the money now)
Another challenge am having is getting an artificial limb to replace the lost one. An estimate has been given to me via mail by the Ability Matters Clinical in Roehampton London, about £4500 excluding consultation fees...
Please I need Nigerians to help me once again in order to get an artificial hand so that I can achieve my goals of being a practicing lawyer and also help me pay the additional fees to the hospital.
Attached are pictures of me a day before the surgery, on the surgery day and after the surgery.

Surgery day and after the surgery

Please send your help to her Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) Account:
Acct number : 0002855164

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