Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rihanna sets Penticton on fire

July 07, 2010
Anyone who says the SOEC is a quiet building, obviously hasn’t been to a Rihanna concert.

And, no, it wasn’t the 16 big rigs that lugged her gear from a show in Vancouver the night before rumbling. It has everything to do with Rihanna’s new edge, a grittier, harder version of the teen girl who came out with her debut hit single Pon de Replay in 2005. This transformed Rihanna, belting out tracks from her fourth studio album (Rated R) is, well, a good girl gone bad. Obvious from her barely-there outfits as she put chutzpah behind her hip thrusts, crotch grabs and slinky moves. It was only fitting her Last Girl on Earth tour on Monday in Penticton opened with a dreamy sequence and Welcome to the Madhouse playing.
Called “an animal,” by one male fan intoxicated by Rihanna as she pranced by in thigh-high black boots and switched costumes fulfilling the eye-candy portion for most of the male gender in the packed SOEC, the artist didn’t leave her female fans wanting more either. Rihanna opened wearing a prudish black floor length gown, flashing with red LED lights as she pounded her chest singing the heartfelt Russian Roulette. Rihanna was lifted high on a pedestal above the crowd as one teen girl ecstatically yelled out “Oh my god, Oh my god, I think I might cry.” After shedding her lengthy gown for an eye-popping pink one piece that left little to the imagination she hit her fans with Hard — complete with dancers carrying hot pink guns and a neon tank, which she straddled as it popped off.

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