Wednesday, July 7, 2010

RIHANNA loves to relax!

The Te Amo singer — who’s currently in the middle of her Last Girl On Earth tour — says she can’t wait to lock her doors and slob out when she gets home from being on the road.

“I love it when I get those days where I don’t have a specific time to get out of bed,” she says.

“On those days where I don’t have anything to do I just lay in bed and watch TV all day. It is heaven! A day of Family Guy and comedy. Great!”

Rihanna recently revealed that she “definitely” wants to launch a movie career.
“Movies are definitely something that I want to get into soon,” she said last month. “And although it may surprise people my ideal role would be a comic role.

“I love comedy and I am pretty much a prankster, so that is a whole new world that I would love to venture off into.”

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