Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living in Rihanna’s world

“This is a dream... Welcome to Rihanna's world.”

The words appear on a giant screen that shows the songstress asleep in an electric blue space capsule as Mad House plays behind. The screen recedes and, wearing a floor-length, surprisingly demure black ball gown, Rihanna appears on a raised platform singing Russian Roulette. She cocks her finger, points at the audience and shoots.

The last time the Barbadian singer played GM Place, she was supporting Kanye West, high on the breezy pop success of Umbrella and Don’t stop the Music. Two years later, there’s a darker edge to the music – the 2009 album Rated R was recorded following the very public blow up of her relationship with Chris Brown – and there’s nothing soft about this new show.
Jack-booted dancers carry pink machineguns, while a hot-pink tank sits to one side of the stage.

As the back projection goes into overdrive with militaristic imagery, Rihanna strips down to a pair of high-cut pale pink panties and a revealing matching jacket with oversized epaulettes – and straddles the tank’s gun.

Bang! It goes off.

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