Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rihanna Italian Vogue!

Viva Italia … and Rihanna! Rihanna does a photo spread for Italian Vogue that proves Italy + Rihanna = amore! Rihanna’s picture spread is by the famed Steven Meisel. From a dark look, to haunting poses, to a revealing gesture, Rihanna heat it up in a spread that proves Vogue and Rihanna are always on top of the game.

The power of a great subject is the ability to look strait into the camera and convey an immediate image. With several of the shots featuring the singer looking dead on into Meisel’s frame, each picture conveys a dramatically different image, a contrasting purpose.

No question - the clothes are amazing.

But what works in these pictures is that you take a highly photographed subject and seemingly make her seem completely new, sometimes beautifully luring, and constantly perplexing in a series of snaps that can take minutes to look at until you feel the weight of the message.

Catch the new outstanding spread in the new issue of Italian Vogue hitting newsstands.

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