Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fashion Trends 2007 - What to Keep or Ditch in 2008

By Lynda Goldman

Fashion trends in 2007 had their day. Here are some of the best and worst of the top trends. Hold on to the best fashions as we head into 2008. Ditch the worst ones. They aren't flattering to anyone.

Best fashion trends in 2007

• High-waisted skirts: This classic trend gives every women a great shape.

• Trouser pants: A welcome relief from the oh-so-tight low-cut jeans, trouser pants are classic business wear that look great in the board room with a smart looking jacket. They are equally lovely in the evening, topped with a twin set or sweater in a current color.

• Skinny pants: still great for weekends and evenings. The modified version of slim pants is great for the office, paired with a great sweater or swingy jacket.

• Soft tailoring: Pairing more structured, tailored pieces with items that are much softer and flowy, the combination works well for most women. Anyone can adapt it to their style. Instead of sticking to one style, this flexible approach brought a new kind of modern femininity - hard and soft at the same time.

• Ray-Ban sunglasses: All the stars sported them, and these classic frames made everyone look like a rock star.

• The Bob: From Katie Holmes to Rihanna and Posh, this move from long flowy locks to a structured style is the hottest trend at the moment. And a little structure can be a great update for most women.

• Cobalt blue: A beautiful color that works will in the office and after hours.

Worst fashion trends in 2007

• High waisted pants: unlike high-waisted skirts, these pants are uncomfortable to wear, and look unattractive even on stars like Mischa Barton.

• Cropped winter jackets: Great fashion if you live in Florida or California. For anyone else, the short sleeves are sure to leave you with chapped elbows.

• Baby doll dresses: Cute for 12 year olds. Not so sweet on anyone older.

• Empire waist dresses: A nice silhouette for tall, slim women. For others, it provokes the question: Is she pregnant?

• Tent dresses: Interesting on models. On most real people, these just look like tents.

• Too much glitz: A little glitter and a touch of metallics are great. But mix them together with beaded, sequined and glimmery materials, and it's overkill.

You are invited to use these tips to plan your wardrobe for 2008.

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From Lynda Goldman, business communications and etiquette consultant and author of 30 books, including How to Make a Million Dollar First Impression.

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