Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rihanna Wears Offensive Necklace

Rihanna may be known as a fashion maverick, but one thing that is sure not to catch on are offensive necklaces.

According to Hollywood Life, Rihanna was seen dressed down (and without red hair) and wearing a necklace that said “c*nt”, or, as writer Katrina spells out the word, “see you next Tuesday,” which is a much better way of talking about that word.

The article states that the singer wore the necklace for the first time in March. The writer feels that Rihanna should stop wearing things that have bad messages. Katrina writes:

“The star has so much going for her: she’s talented, gorgeous, and fashion-forward–so why wear something so offensive? It’s one thing if you’re dressing up on stage in a costume, but this vulgarity is just disgusting. I think it’s way too over-the-top and very unnecessary–there’s nothing cool or tough about it.”
As a woman myself, I’m not very fond of using the C-word to describe oneself, even if it’s in some type of “taking ownership of the word” way. I don’t know the reasons behind Rihanna wearing this necklace, but maybe she should keep it hidden.

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