Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rihanna's Jewelry Deemed Offensive

Rihanna was recently spotted wearing a piece of offensive jewelry. The Umbrella singer shocked fans when she donned a necklace with the "C" word engraved on it.

Rihanna was eyed having dinner in Santa Monica on Thursday looking cute and casual. The singer looked relaxed, wearing a black t-shirt, hoodie, and minimal make up. However, her choice of accessories wasn't so cute.

File:Rihanna AMA 2009 Red carpet.jpgMany were disgusted when they saw photos of the Rude Boy songbird's jewelry. Plain as day on her necklace was the c-word. Why would RiRi send such a message?

That word is often used in a very derogatory way toward women. The fact that Rihanna is using it as a fashion statement is disturbing. Many women look up to the singer as a role model considering all the public battles she's faced. (Most famously being abused by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.)
Rihanna has always been known for making a statement, but this time it seems she has gone way too far by wearing that offensive necklace.

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