Friday, January 28, 2011

Rihanna's Alleged Lesbian Lover Tajah Burton Talks To Natalia Perez EXCLUSIVE

27 January 2011

Have we got an exclusive for you guys! Our own Hot Hits Live From LA host Natalia Perez talked to model Natasha "Tajah" Burton, who claims that she had a lesbian relationship with an rnb star who might just be Rihanna!

She's currently writing a tell-all celebrity book, part of which leaked to the media. The section which attracted the most attention is a chapter about her lesbian relationship with a famous rnb singer.

Tajah refuses to name names, but members of the press have put two and two together and are claiming that the other lady is none other than Rihanna!

And Natalia Perez sat down with Tajah to get all the juicy details on the book!

Tajah explained exactly how she met the anonymous female singer.

"We met through a mutual friend," she told The Hot Hits Live From LA. "And I was like 'hook it up' and he was like 'ok'. And we kind of exchanged information and hit it off."

Tajah told Natalia a little bit more about the details of their relationship.

"We had an instant chemistry," Tajah said. "She basically was just there motivating me and it was really cool and it became intimate."

"She's really into her music, and she went back into her music and we remained friends."

And Natalia asked Tajah how long the relationship lasted for.

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"It was a couple of weeks, I wouldn't say it was a full out relationship," Tajah said. "It wasn't something we really talked about, it was just she liked me I liked her we were just taking it day by day."

"She knew I was writing a book, and I told her I was putting her in the book," she said. "The sections that they chose to put in the media really painted not the best picture."

And although Tajah says in her book that the singer is from Barbados and has short hair, she told Natalia that she doesn't know why everyone thinks its Rihanna.

"I'm just like, where did they get that from?," Tajah said. "I've never said names."

So there you have it, Tajah definitely did have a relationship with a female singer.But was it Rihanna? We might never know for sure.

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