Friday, April 20, 2012

Rihanna's face 'made for edgy hair'

Rihanna's "great face shape" allows her to pull off a variety of gorgeous looks, says a top celebrity hairdresser.

The Bajan beauty recently stepped out with long dark tresses after sporting bleached blonde hair for a number of weeks. Rihanna has also shown off bright red curls, edgy blunt bangs and daring shaved styles in the past.

Hairstylist-to-the-stars Sinead Kelly says Rihanna's experimental streak is inspiring.

"Rihanna is a style chameleon, constantly changing her fashion trends and hair colour and she's very lucky to have a great face shape to pull off so many looks. She's become a bit of an icon in the hair industry and is encouraging younger audiences to be more daring with colour and cuts which is great," Sinead told Cover Media.
"My favourite look for Rihanna was her tight curls in the deep red shade. Her natural bouncy curls gave a softness to her usual edgy looks - normally sporting shaved and straight styles. So it was great to see her softer side released just a bit! The colour is also really complimentary to her beautiful skin tone, and enhances the warm tones in her skin."

Rihanna is lucky to have an expert styling team to use when it comes to keeping her ever-changing hair in tip-top condition. Sinead - who boasts her very own plush Salon in South London - says Rihanna's hairpieces also come in very handy when changing up her look so much.

"Generally celebrities are very fortunate, as they have styling teams on hand and an abundance of quality hair care products to indulge in. Rihanna actually uses a lot of wigs in her shows and promo material, which is why she is often seen with such dramatic differences one day to the next," she said.

"Along with fantastic products though she also has drastic cuts which help keep the hair in good condition - and her occasional colour change is actually doing less damage than the more regular head of highlights & at home blow drying we find ourselves doing."

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