Monday, September 20, 2010

Rihanna Set To beat Rihanna!

After 3 days of release only, there is some music for ears for Rihanna. She is all set to break ground at the Billboard Hot 100 tracks list. The singer, who’s latest one – Only Girl- just got released on Sep 13, is all of 22, and must be on a high after the way in which people have lapped up the track. Analysts predict that by next week, more than two hundred thousand records of her song would be sold, making it aim in the first five of the list.
he track comes from an album which is not even released to date, and will not be next few months. And as she aims for the top slot, we know Kate Perry is going to tumble a little down for her Teenage Dream.

Not only will Kate come down if Only Girl follows a upward trajectory, but the current #2- Love The Way by Eminem – will also be pushed down. If you remember, a highlight of this track is Rihanna herself, as she gets to show her moves to Eminem’s voice.

But we guess the singer does not mind, given that she has had the spot of being #1 and 2 for many a times earlier too! (ENSNN)

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