Friday, January 1, 2010

Please Don’t Stop the Music, Say Rihanna’s Fans

2 January 2010

No one would like to put 2009 behind them more than superstar singer Rihanna, and her long awaited New Year’s Eve performance in Abu Dhabi might have been just the catalyst she needed to burst back onto the global scene.

After cancelling her previous Dubai concert back in May due to a highly publicised attack from her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, many fans were left 
wondering whether the Barbadian bombshell would actually show up for what was arguably going to be one of the biggest shows of the decade in the national capital.

But, ‘the wait was over’, as Rihanna put it during the opening of her explosive set at Emirates Palace here, 
and continued on until midnight struck amidst a sea of confetti, fireworks 
and celebration.

It was hard to believe at times that someone who was only 21 could have such a commanding and haunting stage presence, opening up the first set of the show with hits off her latest album ‘Rated R’. The highly provocative and somewhat controversial ballad Russian Roulette set the tone for the evening and drew deafening screams from 
the crowds that numbered in the 

Widely known for her avant-garde style, many British tabloids falsely claimed – ahead of the show – that 
the singer was asked to tone down 
her revealing costumes in respect to her Arab hosts.

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