Thursday, January 10, 2013

Press statement from Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah

The Minister of Aviation, Mrs Stella Oduah posted this message on her Facebook page yesterday. Some people are panicking...:-). See it below..
We have uncovered an advanced plot by a well-known hireling to blackmail, smear and tarnish the image and reputation of the Honourable Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah with the sole aim of distracting her from consolidating the gains already recorded in the transformation of the Aviation sector in line with the Transformation Agenda of the Federal government.
Our very reliable sources indicate that the hireling, who has been paid huge sums of money running into several millions of naira to execute the hatchet job will employ a very familiar strategy of calling a Press Conference to carry out his mischief and peddle his falsehood.
See the rest after the cut...

 The hireling, we are told will brandish documents containing false, unfounded and out-rightly malicious information intended to impugn the integrity of the Honourable Minister.

Our sources also reveal that the hireling, this time round is being sponsored by some "Big players and Stakeholders" in the aviation sector who have not been comfortable with the sweeping reforms taking place in the aviation industry over the past 18 months which have displaced them and literarily taken their "milking cows" away from them. This change of strategy to blackmail and character assassination, our sources further reveal, follows the failure of several, more civilized ways in the past to stop the Honourable Minister from pursuing her rescue mission in the sector.

We are equally informed that this latest planned onslaught hopes to take advantage of the seeming disagreement between the Honourable Minister and the National Assembly over the Dana Airline issue. We however make haste to stress that the Honourable Minister has tremendous respect for the institution of the National Assembly and all its Resolutions and enjoys a very cordial working relationship with the body. Efforts to pitch her against the National Legislature on imaginary allegations of disagreements will therefore fail woefully.

To be sure, the Honourable Minister will not be distracted by this latest plot to put spanners in the wheel of her transformation train in the aviation sector. Her agenda to consolidate the gains of the past 18 months in delivering to Nigerians and the flying public world class safety, terminals, services and comfort therefore remains fully on track. The general public is hereby enjoined to be mindful of, and dismiss these shenanigans for what they are-no do gooders who do not mean well for the Aviation sector in Nigeria and the Transformation Agenda of the present Federal government.

Joe Obi,
SA (Media) to the Hon. Minister of Aviation.

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